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La Bohemie

Os Burgueses - ModaLisboa.

And today began another edition of Moda Lisboa. The world has changed and we are all part of that change. Today the trend is to reduce individual initiative on behalf of a collective dynamics, absolute and responsible.

Moda Lisboa / Transfusion will be the reflection of a network that contagious platforms of action, production values ​​and core of creation.

Transfusion is fusion and transfer, vision and transnationality. Our country is the world. Our objective, the whole. Fashion presents itself as an ideology, expression and image. Staying out is to close your eyes, ignore the senses, or live life in reverse.

You need to rethink.You have to give.It is imperative to share.

The designers get together in a single platform and sustainablenetwork of recovering the values ​​that make the tradition ofnational fashion for 20 years.

Tranfusion because  they are all creators, donors and recipients.

And the first creators were Os Burgueses. A trip to the family heritage, the personal pleasures and above all love. White, gray and pale pink come to life in jersey knits, twills and small touches of skin, a collection built with casual pieces with a twist. the dichotomy forms is based on the meeting between the classic films and science fiction.

*All rights to photographs are reserved to Rui Vasco Photo.

Beijinhos, La Bohemie.

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