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La Bohemie

Amor a preto e branco.

Black girl so fine and bright 
Black girl you shine as the night 
Black girl you move me so right 
I just have to make you mine 
'Cause you make me lose my mind 



Black girl with beauty so deep 

Black girl just rock me to sleep 
Black girl good things you will reap 
'Cause you're of the ancient vine 
And you're from another time 
And your history's all in line 

 Black girl, your ancestry's long 
Black girl, you're where you belong 
Black girls, have got to be strong 
Got to keep your spirits high 
Got to keep yourselves alive 
You're just gonna make it fine 



Listen baby you're the jewel of my eye 

Come on girl 
Everything's gonna be alright 
Listen baby 
I just got to make you mine




Beijinhos, La Bohemie.