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La Bohemie

The Last Winter Day.

Unfortunately, yesterday I couldn´t post the photos that I wanted, but I had a weed-end with a lot of work. I was very happy cause it was the last day of winter. Yupiii. It was a warm day and a radiant sun. Like every Sunday, I went to Ikea to decorate my new office here at home. I know all the shops in the country and know by heart the catalog and the number of pages. I´m really addicted and how I live alone, like even more. I love the new slogan: "Choosing what to wear can be tricky, unless you have a wardrobe where to find everything quickly". I don´t need a new wardrobe but the next round to the store I will buy storage systems. At the end of the day stole my phone and I was really upset because I had very important contacts. Anyway, I enjoyed a lot and today bougth a new phone card. I hope you have enjoyed the great weekend and have a nice early spring.


*The photo is bad because it was taken with the Iphone but I love it cause the campaign of new coffee machines was very funny.


Beijinhos, La Bohemie.

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