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La Bohemie

Ensaio #4 Gentle star.

My beloved girl loves me not.

Waiting for an answer I am here in the spot,

But the beloved girl that loves me not,

Of me surely forgot.


However the beloved girl that loves me not

Of me have forgot,

Despair I shall not,

For hope is the last to be lost.


Looking at the sky and rising sun

I smile of joy and fun,

Imagining my sweet girl as an

Angel, I shall fear no sword or gun.


For girl, of you I shall not flee,

Even because I love thee,

I imagine you as a giant tree,

Offering a sweet shade just for me.


Sweet and gentle star,

How mighty girl you are;

Guide me in this path of war

And show me the secret kingdom away so far…



Beijinhos, La Bohemie.